Cleric counsels leaders on exemplary leadership

The District Superintendent, Apostolic Faith, West Africa, Rev. Emmanuel Adeniran, has urged the nation’s leadership to emulate the example of Jesus Christ in managing the country’s affairs and in the anti-corruption crusade.

Adeniran gave the advice on Sunday night at an Easter concert at the Apostolic Faith Church Campground, Gbagada, Lagos, entitled: “Lamb of God’’.

“The leaders of the country should emulate the example that Jesus Christ has shown, by dying on the cross.

“When the leaders are telling the led to adjust functionally, they should show it in ways they conduct their own life before us in purity not in celebration of corruption.

“In uprightness, from the leadership to the followership let us embrace truth and integrity, let us eschew corruption and ask God to make us pure.

“Let us run our lives in meekness, in purity and with integrity and God will look down on us from heaven and have mercy on us,’’ he said.

Adeniran urged Nigerians and Christians to look up to God so as to withstand the distress and economic hardship the citizens were currently facing.

He also urged the citizens not to lose hope, saying that only God has solution to our problems.

“Jesus did not just died for Christians, He died for the whole world; we should know that when things are worse it could be better if we turn to God.

“I advise Nigerians and Christians that they should look up to God when things around them get bad, and you look around you and you cannot get hope, just look up to Him.

“There is hope in God, I want Nigerians to know that tough times never last but tough people do.

“One of the toughest things that can make you so empowered to withstand the distress and economic recession we are facing now is spiritual toughness.

“Building a heart that is strong in God that can confront anything,’’ he added.

The cleric urged Nigerians not to despair in the face of the current hardship they are faced with, saying that suicide was not the best option.

“Jesus Christ said, I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it abundantly, and in these days that we are in, what we are is what we should be preaching.

“Besides that, what is frustrating people is economic strangulation and the role of the church is to give hope to the hopeless,’’ he said. (NAN)

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