Lagos CAN tasks Christian leaders on accountability

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos State Chapter, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola, on Tuesday urged Christian leaders to always give account of their stewardship to the people.

Bamgbola spoke at the Leadership Workshop for State and Local Government Christian Leaders with the theme ‘Stewardship in Christian Leadership’, at Hoares Memorial Methodist Church, Yaba, Lagos.

He said it was expected of Christian leaders to exhibit honesty and accountability in their stewardship.

“Christian leaders should know that stewardship demands accountability. A faithful steward must be readily accountable, to meet expectations and bring satisfaction to his people.

“A Christian leader should accept stewardship, not as pastime or hobby,’’ he said.

Bamgbola also urged Christian clerics to understand that as stewards, they must learn to use the resources entrusted to them to give better quality of life to mankind.

He said that leaders, generally, should not think that being in power is just an opportunity for them to enrich themselves.

“Graft and corruption, lack of political will to deliver basic services, widespread decline in moral values of public officials, and continued emphasis on money politics are the results of man’s unrighteousness.

“Not only do we need a righteous character in a leader, but also a right vision and righteous influence.

“It is paramount for a leader to carry the people along so that they can see, understand and contribute towards the vision, which brings about the desired goal,’’ he said.

Bamgbola further urged Christian leaders to understand their sacred mandate and appreciate the fact that everyone must, one day, render his or her account of stewardship to Almighty God.

“A leader’s purpose of leadership should be to serve people and be accountable to them and to God.’’

The Vice Chairman of CAN, Lagos State Chapter, Rev. Emmanuel Oguntosin, who spoke on ‘Church Leadership in This End-Time’, urged Christian leaders to make positive impact on their followers.

“Leaders are to influence their followers positively; we must be salt and light of the earth, heal the society from its moral decadence, and advise against all forms of ills in the society,’’ Oguntosin said. (NAN)

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