Medical practitioner advises Nigerians against frequent intake of solid foods

Dr Florence Adigun, an Ilorin-based medical practitioner, on Wednesday advised Nigerians to reduce intake of solid foods.

Adigun told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin that eating too many kinds of carbohydrates had many bad effects on the body.

The doctor also urged the people to eat more of fruits and vegetables.

She said that eating solid or heavy foods would lead to gaining body fat,weight and feeling stressed out.

Adigun further explained that eating the right kind of carbohydrates was very beneficial, adding that it made loss of fat easier, while improving sleep and minimising stress response.

She also said it could improve athletic performance, make workouts feel better, eliminate food cravings and reduce tendency to over eat.

Adigun, however, warned against eating late in the night, adding that the ideal time to eat should be between 7.00 p.m and 7.30 p.m.

She said that when foods were consumed late at night, anytime from after dinner and outside a person’s typical sleep and wake cycle, the body was more likely to store those calories as fat rather than burn it as energy. (NAN)

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