PMAN urges FG to renew commitment in fight against piracy

The Performing Musicians and Employers Association of Nigerian (PMAN), has urged the Federal Government to renew its commitment in the fight against piracy.

Mr Solomon Nda-Isaiah, the Governor of PMAN, Abuja told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the side-line of World Music Day celebration in Abuja.

He said that artistes passed through unpleasant challenges to bring out an album, “only for the pirates to smile to the banks.’’

“A lot of artists will work day and night putting their songs together; after the release of the songs, Pirates will take over everything; they will gain more than artists.

“Though government is trying, we need them to do more; they should put stiffer measures to fight piracy;

“If the government can bring out a law to put death penalty for piracy, nobody will be involve in piracy again,’’ Nda-Isaiah said.

He said Nigerian music has gained international acceptance adding that it does not reflect in the lives of the artists.

According to him Nigerian Musicians are doing well but not enjoying the fruit of their labour, adding that the government should do more in fighting the menace.

He, however, commended Nigerian musicians and urged them not to relent but rather write and release more songs.

Also, Ken Origha, an artists and an official of the Abuja Chapter said government has all it takes to curb piracy in the country.

Origha explained when piracy is tackled, Nigerian artist would have a better life and the government would also generate more revenue from the entertainment industry in form of taxes.

“Copy Rights Commission is doing their best but they need to do more than confiscating and destroying pirated materials.

“They should sponsor bill to the National Assembly to proffer stiffer penalties for pirates; when such is done, I think it will go a long way to at least reduce piracy in the country,’’ Origha stressed.

Similarly, Mr Vincent Omoko, the Secretary of PMAN, Abuja Chapter said piracy was a cankerworm that impeded the growth of the industry and artistes respectively.

He alleged that marketers were the major culprits in the crime stressing that they pirates works of artistes’ with impunity not minding the plight of the owners of the works.

“ I can tell you, one of my friends did a song in Nigeria here; another friend came in from Gabon and said the music is making waves in Gabon.

“ There is another friend who did a peace song for South Sudan; his music is making waves in South Sudan but the royalty is not coming to him.

“That is mass exploitation, so piracy has to be fought from the scratch and government should be in a better position to help artistes to fight it,’’ Omoko said.

Highlight of the event was performances by some Abuja-based artistes including, Lady Light, Bajah Ranking, Cent Moko, Chuddy Range and Rita Oraz.

Others include Prof Senior Biebie, Ras Lloyd Tommy, ND, Oyekachi and Lagos based King Wale Man.(NAN)

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